Harmony project - London Legacy & Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park

2 films
Lenght: 50" + 20"
Agency: Publicis
Director: Cédric Leprettre

Today, 7.5 billion people live on our planet, 1.2 billion of whom still do not have access to energy. This shift is not simply a passing trend.
In reaction to a form of progress that so far has been made at the expense of the planet and of human development, there is a deep desire to change the model. This is the path ENGIE has chosen. As an energy company, we are aware of the special responsibility that is ours in making more harmonious progress. We were a part of the problem, but now we have chosen to be part of the solution. It is the stories around these projects in different parts of the world, Mexico, Vendée, London etc. that we want show through short films, essentially mini-documentaries that we have brought together under the #ENGIEHarmonyProject hashtag.
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