Arthur Cemin

Director of photography for 15 years, Arthur Cemin works on various projects. Cinema and television fictions (Un sac de bille, Fais pas ci-fais pas ├ža, Soda ...), many commercials in France and abroad (Russia, England, Morocco, Algeria) and luxury corporate films. he makes documentaries in different themes such as arts (ARTE), travel with the series of Les Nouveaux Explorateurs (CANAL +) and in the living show (music-theater-opera), mainly for France TV. These very different horizons are characterized by a demanding aesthetic.
Passionate by art, he directed several documentaries on music and painting.
Since 3 years with Bliss, he focuses on the production of commercials and short brand-content films for major brands as Seat, Nescafe, Wilkinson.
He seeks to combine his artistic sensibility with a sense of conciseness of purpose that comes from advertising work. He is particularly committed to designing films whose artistic direction is not secondary but always in the foreground.